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Our offer

We offer a full range of coals produced by the Polish coal mining industry and its sale to the Czech and Slovakian markets.
Generally there are three groups of coal:

Coal used by the power industry, heat-generating plants, cement plants, sugar producers and other industrial plants.

Polish coal is available in 0–20/30 mm grain size and it has a stable quality. We offer coal of a calorific value from 18 to 30 MJ/kg.

Hard coking and semi-soft coking coals used for the production of coke.

A range of coal used mainly for heating purposes:

  • peas
  • singles
  • cobbles
  • lumps

This type of coal has a low ash and sulphur content and high calorific value.

In addition to the supply direct from the Polish mines, we also deliver from coal yard in Karvina-Doly.

Coal collection is available in lots of minimum of 17 tonnes).
Loading from 6 am to 12.30 pm.

If you are interested in any of the above coal, please send your request specifying your quality requirements – on this basis we can prepare an offer best suited to your needs.

We deliver by rail (single wagons, groups of wagons or whole trains) or motor transport (deliveries of 25 tonne batches).

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